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spa cover – 20mm spa foam

Leisuretime 20mm spa foam covers keep the heat in, particularly during winter, saving energy, money and they keep your hot tub clean when it’s not in use. Yet, not all foam spa pool covers are alike; there can be critical differences in their performance. Our 20mm closed-cell polyethylene foam is lightweight and durable, and our foam spa covers will give you years of trouble-free use.


how 20mm spa foam covers work

The spa foam floats on the water, trapping heat by insulating the water surface.


Can be used on both residential and commercial spas.
Due to their durability, our foam spa pool covers are ideal for commercial spas in hotels, motels, gyms and recreation centres etc.


Spa foam covers are made from a 20mm thick sheet of closed cell polyethylene foam.

spa cover care

Never shock dose the spa while the cover is on.
Never dose the spa with algaecides while the cover remains on.
When cleaning the spa cover, use mild soapy water and rinse with fresh water.



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