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The Ultra New Triple Cell® Solar Pool Blanket.

It is advisable to have a pool cover installed when using a Heat Pump. A pool without a cover will loose 2 – 3 times more heat than a pool with a pool cover. This will greatly reduce the running time and cost of your heat pump and also eliminate evaporation when in use. Evaporation alone accounts for 60% of the heat loss from your pool. Another 30% of the loss radiates into the air from the water surface and 10% goes into the ground.

Elite Triple Cell® has evolved over a ‘25 year’ span and it has now become a reality… thanks to Elite’s vision and foresight in the continuous development and delivery of the world’s best performing pool cover available today.

  • Elite Triple Cell® is the first purposed designed and manufactured pool blanket… It breaks away from the traditional ‘bubble wrap’ style and its problems. Elite Triple Cell® is a world’s first’ and it’s only available from Elite!

  • The Elite Triple Cell® is a solar cell that acts as a collector of energy. This energy is transformed to heat the water better.

  • Elite Triple Cell® provides better all-round insulating performance due to its greater still “air zone”. Its unique cell design also offers more protection from chlorine attack and harmful UV rays.

  • Elite Triple Cell® is thicker… UP TO 60% thicker ON THE BASE The manufacturing process of Triple Cell® ensures a more uniform thickness at the side, top and base of the cell… Unlike bubble, where the thickness can be inconsistent with less life expectancy. Elite Triple Cell® will have a long happy life.

  • Elite Triple Cell® lays flatter on the pool surface and rolls up easier over header courses plus automatic cleaners work better.

  • Elite Saltsafe® & Chlorsafe® technology is incorporated in the ultra-new Elite Triple Cell® Solar Thermal Pool Blanket. A Longer Life & Better Performance.







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