Triple Cell

solar blankets warm pools get used

what is a solar blanket?

Solar Blankets are high strength, long lasting pool insulation covers designed to prevent water heat
loss and evaporation. Leisuretime's Solar Blankets are made using U.V. and pool chemical stabilised Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) plastic.

how does a Triple Cell solar blanket work?


Solar Blankets are translucent which allows radiated solar energy to pass through the cover to release heat into the pool water. Then overnight the air trapped in the bubble profile on the bottom side of the cover acts as an insulating layer to trap the heat in the pool


benefits of a Triple Cell solar blanket

  • Up to 60% thicker on the base 

  • Lays flatter on the pool surface 

  • Unique Bubble shape

  • Reduces heating costs

  • Superior heat retention

material sources

Leisuretime only sources from proven, reputable suppliers. We have been in business over 34 years and our long term relationships with proven suppliers give us high confidence in the product we sell.
The Triple Cell range is manufactured in Australia by the company that developed the Solar Blanket pool cover concept decades ago. Since then it has proven itself in the harsh local conditions before going to distribution partners all around the world.