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Pool Roller - 75mm Tube


  • The My-T series of pool rollers is the Leisuretime workhorse, entry level reel option.Designed to be free standing on the deck at the end of the pool. Your pool cover is permanently attached to the reel with cords. You simply rotate the reel using the handle to roll the cover off the pool. A pool cover reel simplifies task of removing the cover reducing drag and damage to your swimming pool cover. Originally introduced in 1997, reels supplied in the late nineties are still going strong.

how My-T series reels work

• Extends life of pool cover
• Convenient storage system

• Saves time and effort
• For most shapes of pools 


MY-T 60 Small to mid sized residential pools (up to 60 sqm)

MY-T 80 Mid to large sized residential pools (up to 80 sqm)

MY-T 100 Large residential and small commercial pools (up to 100 sqm)


• 50mm boxed stainless steel frame electropolished

• Aluminium hubs and handles
• Extruded marine anodised aluminium

tube with 3mm wall
• Hard wearing, high speed plastic bushes



• Built to last using stainless & aluminium • Easy, single handed use
• Proven on pools nationwide
• Stylish, unobtrusive design

• High stability while still free standing

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