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Leisuretime Spa & Pool Covers design and manufacture to order an extensive range of high-quality affordable pool cover systems and custom-made spa pool covers for the harsh New Zealand climate and sell these direct to the public.

We recognise that every pool owner has different technical and aesthetics needs as well as budgetary limitations. 


We can customise our products to suit each order and that means substantial savings to you because you don’t have to buy material or accessories excess to your needs.


Our philosophy is simple... to supply the public with the best pool covering systems, after-sales service and all at the best possible price available anywhere - that's why we can give you this promise: "You won't find a better quality spa & pool cover in New Zealand" 

We specialize in the fabrication of spa & swimming pool covers using only high quality pool cover equipment. 








We are committed to providing our customers: 

  • with the highest level of customer service and support in the industry 

  • with a simple and transparent quote process

  • with quality covers that ensure the most efficient heating properties in their class  

Geobubble UK has invested heavily over the last 23 years in researching heat transfer through different types of materials and colours to maximise heat transfer. 


Developed to provide you and your family with a warmer pool that you can enjoy for longer periods throughout the year.  You can trust in our products to deliver you a superior product that will last for years.

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