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London Underground reel  

why choose a london underground reel?

If you don’t want the pool cover reel in the way or just plain don’t want to look at a reel poolside, then why not hide it away?
The London is a simple, durable, manually operated reel that is hidden out of sight.
With the London option we supply both the reel mechanism (tube, hubs, axles, gearbox, handle and mounting brackets) and the enclosure.
The moulded enclosure allows you to install your reel underground leaving the lid at ground level.

Screen Shot 2023-01-04 at 8.34.24 PM.png


With it’s quick and easy installation methods, this is our most popular manual cover option here at Leisuretime 

  • Hinged Anodised Aluminium Lid

  • Roller hidden from plain sight

  • Thermal blanket recommended will save energy, save water evaporation and keep your pool clean.

  • No more bulky rollers

  • To open simply wind the cover back into the cavity

  • Fitted into timber decking, concreted or tiled areas, new or existing.

  • Easy to install and affordable

  • Suitable for Thermal or Bubble covers


London Underground Reel 3100mm RN14840 $5,580

London Underground Reel 3600mm RN14845 $5,780

London Underground Reel 4100mm RN14850 $5,980

London Underground Reel 4600mm RN14855 $6,180

London Underground Reel 5100mm RN14860 $6,380

Boston Below Deck Reel 3200mm RN14875 $3,580

Boston Below Deck Reel 3700mm RN14880 $3,630

Boston Below Deck Reel 4200mm RN14885 $3,680

Boston Below Deck Reel 4700mm RN14890 $3,730

Boston Below Deck Reel 5200mm RN14895 $3,780

Boston Below Deck Reel Custom ( to 5200mm ) RN14899 $3,980

Cairo Custom 90 Degree Reel ( Up to 65 sqm ) RN14800 $2,180

Cairo Custom 90 Degree Reel ( Up to 85 sqm ) RN14820 $3,820

Notes :

- Cairo Custom is a rebrand of the original 90 degree reel mechanism.

The client/landscaper/pool builder organises the pit and pit cover then the Cairo Custom is fitted into it.

- The model dimensions indicate the maximum pool cover width that model can handle

What size London Underground Reel do I need? Check your waterline width below


The London systems are available in the following standard legnths.

  • 3.1m 

  • 3.6m

  • 4.1m 

  • 4.6m

  • 5.1m 

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