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T-BAR SERIES ( Stainless ) 

Pool Roller - 100mm Tube 


  • Getting a cover on and off your swimming pool can be a drag, and if using your pool is not quick and easy, you’re not going to use it as much. An easy-to-use pool gets used. Our T-BAR Series of pool reels help you roll your cover on and off your swimming pool fast and fuss free

how T-BAR series reels work

Designed to be fully mobile on the deck at the end of the pool.
Rotate the reel using the handle to roll the cover off the pool.
Simplifies task of removing the cover.
Reduces dragging and damage to cover.


large-sized residential pools (up to 100 sqm)




Strong 103 Diemeter one-piece tube 

Polished Stainless Steel  

High quality multi-directiona braked castors  (p.o.a)

Stainless Steel Drop Pins 

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