Geo Bubble Solar Pool Cover 

Solar Bubble Covers heat the pool:

  • Saves up to 60% energy costs, limits heat loss, makes swimming more comfortable

  • Ultra absorbent Blanket gives maximum absorption, enabling more solar energy to enter pool, better heating!

  • Warms pool water: By 3 - 5 degrees or more in summer season

  • It reduces evaporation: Cuts water use, saves on chemical costs

  • Extends swimming season: Swim earlier in spring, later in autumn


Recommended Application:

  • All domestic pools

  • Also available for commercial pools



  • Reduces evaporation

  • Saves on energy costs

  • Extends swimming season

  • Heats the pool by up to 8 degrees from direct sunlight

  • Strong Large Bubble allows more solar energy to enter the pool which results in better heating

  • Pricing: 600 micron = $26.50incl / Sq.M 

  • Bubble covers can be edge bound if required at a cost of $12.20 / lineal metre

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