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cover lifters

for spa covers

Spa pool cover lifters improve the whole spa pool experience. Energy efficiency determines how much your spa costs to run. Ease of use determines how often you indulge in your spa. We want using your spa pool to be as simple and as cost effective as possible.

Basically, spa pool cover lifters make covering and uncovering your spa incredibly simple – no lugging your spa cover around and no heavy lifting. You may find yourself soaking less if you find removing your spa pool cover difficult. An efficient cover lifter makes opening and closing your spa pool easy – even for those with limited mobility.

how spa cover lifters work

Cover lifters make removing spa covers a simple, one-person operation.

The cover lifter is attached to one side of spa.
It is designed to support the cover as it swings the cover off the spa.
It reduces the physical effort required in removing the cover.


Spa cover lifters suit most square / rectangular portable spa pools.
Lifters work on spa covers up to 2400mm square.


Powder coated tubular aluminium

cover caddy

A more sophisticated design.
Gas ram assisted removal.
Suits spa covers up to 2400 * 2400mm.
Works with most spa hardcover shapes including round.
Rear clearance 915mm.
Works with spas 765mm to 1010mm high.
Removes any stress on the cover hinge.
Able to be self-installed.




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