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Pool Roller - 114mm Tube


  • The Seat Roller is for customers wanting to disguise the pool cover and have the benefit of a seat at the end of the pool.  This strong 114mm shaft & HDPE endframe is perfect for pools up to 50sqm in size and up to 5m wide.

  • The seat comes in a Standard Anodised Aluminium.


New to the Leisuretime range,  Geared Drive Seat Roller is conveniently driven by an encased upright drive system so it can be operated with a winder handle from standing position. This also makes it great for tighter spaces as there is no handle on the side. Made of high grade Stainless and Aluminium components with solid HDPE end frames. Comes standard with anodised aluminium seat. Coloured seats are available at an additional cost. Suitable for pools up to 5m wide and 15m long.








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