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About Hidden Roller Systems

Hidden roller systems are designed to keep the pool cover and roller systems out of site and out the way. They can be installed into a timber deck or into tiled/paved areas. Simple to operate, pull out the cover to close and wind to open then close the lid! There is a varying range of sizes to suit your pool, whether it be existing or a new build.


With it’s quick and easy installation methods, this is our most popular manual cover option here at SSL.

  • Hinged Anodised Aluminium Lid

  • Roller hidden from plain sight

  • Thermal blanket recommended will save energy, save water evaporation and keep your pool clean.

  • No more bulky rollers

  • To open simply wind the cover back into the cavity

  • Fitted into timber decking, concreted or tiled areas, new or existing.

  • Easy to install and affordable

  • Suitable for Thermal or Bubble covers