About Hidden Roller Systems

Downunder hidden roller systems are designed to keep the pool cover and roller systems out of site and out the way. They can be installed into a timber deck or into tiled/paved areas. Simple to operate, pull out the cover to close and wind to open then close the lid! There is a varying range of sizes to suit your pool, whether it be existing or a new build.


With it’s quick and easy installation methods, this is our most popular manual cover option here at SSL.

  • Hinged Anodised Aluminium Lid

  • Roller hidden from plain sight

  • Thermal blanket recommended will save energy, save water evaporation and keep your pool clean.

  • No more bulky rollers

  • To open simply wind the cover back into the cavity

  • Fitted into timber decking, concreted or tiled areas, new or existing.

  • Easy to install and affordable

  • Suitable for Thermal or Bubble covers

Traditional In-Ground Installation






















The perfect option for your tiled, paved or concreted areas. This option is suitable for back-filling. Adequate pit drainage is very important, each system has drainage holes for self drainage at the base therefore needing a path beneath the unit to carry away any water.


Timber Decking Installation









Suitable for suspension under decking. The cover lid will sit flush the timber decking with an opening of 270mm wide. A cavity must be created below the decking so the cover can be rolled up in unrestricted space

Pit Location










Place the unit as close to the pool as possible with the lid hinging away from the pool. The closer the unit is to the pool the less drag and damage might be caused to the Cover as it is pulled across the pool coping. The body of the unit should make a 90 degree angle to the direction of the pool cover travel. 

Suitable for Kidney Shaped Pools


































Yes you can install a Downunder system for your rounded or kidney shaped pool! This is one of our most commonly asked questions when people are renovating their existing pool set up. The cover is simply cut to shape and the system installed a per the above installation methods to suit.

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